4 SEO Techniques That Will be Effective

SEO Techniques

The world of digital marketing is an ever evolving space. The necessity of having a good presence in the online world is imperative for businesses today so that they can enjoy continued success. One of the most important aspects to have a good online presence is the need to generate more traffic from search engines like Google. How can that be achieved? According to the experts at SEO Perth, through Search Engine Optimisation. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing in a bid to improve user experience.

  1. Google RankBrain

Google recently made the announcement about their new RankBrain Algorithm. It is a revolutionary new algorithm which uses AI to power the internet giant’s first ever machine learning algorithm. The ranking that you get using RankBrain is determined by how satisfied the users of Google are with the content you have online.

You should optimize your website for Google RankBrain as it is one of the three key signals that indicate a good SEO ranking according to Google. For instance, you can look to optimize your website for RankBrain by improving the CTR (click through rate). The easiest way to improve your CTR is by adding numbers to the title and description tag. People feel more inclined to click on links with content that contains a number.

  1. Steal From Competitors

When you are searching for effective keywords so that you can optimize the content you’re producing, the first option to go for is obviously using the tools available for that. There is another option for you to avail and that is by stealing from your competition. Don’t worry, it is not even morally ambiguous. You can make use of the keywords that you competition is using that is getting them a good ranking. This way you will not have to test random keywords using tools and you can directly use keywords that are already working well.

  1. Add the Word “Because” In Outreach Email

As surprising as it may sound, using the word “because” can actually improve the response rate you get from your emails by almost 50 percent. The reason for that is simple. When a person gets an email, the first thing they think about is who the sender is and what they want from you. If you carefully craft your email and answer those questions quickly, you can get that effect quite easily. Using the word “because” has an effect on the human psychology and it gives any request a better sense of legitimacy.

  1. Google Search Console

Lastly, using the best SEO tool available is going to help improve your SEO in 2018 as well. There are many tools out there which are aiming to improve your SEO rankings but if you already have a tool made directly by the search engine company itself, you have a much better chance at it. It comes well equipped with a lot of features which you can use to improve your SEO ranking.

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