Why Should You Use WordPress?


WordPress must be one of the most talked about websites in the world. It would have to be up there with sites like Google and Wikipedia. It is the most popular website building platform in the world, and lets people customise, create, and edit their own websites simply and free of charge.

There are plenty of reasons why you should use WordPress. According to some internet experts, over 25% of the web is now built on the WordPress platform. The sheer amount of number here speaks for itself – WordPress must be doing something right.

Some of the reasons why you should use WordPress include:

You don’t need any coding experience:

One of the best things about WordPress – from an inexperienced web developer’s point of view at least – is that it required zero coding knowledge. Sure, there is room for you to put your knowledge to the test if you want to, but it is absolutely not necessary.

All the code for your website is automatically installed and maintained when you use WordPress. Creating posts is as simple as dragging, dropping, and/or typing new content. If you want to code your website then go for it – but there are probably better options than WordPress out there that have better coding support.

You can use plugins to add complex features at the click of a button:

Traditionally, the services of an experienced coder would be required to add new features to an existing website. Fortunately, the modern world is a much simpler place. WordPress’s support for plugins makes adding new features to your website as easy as a click of a mouse button.

Things like contact forms, social media linkage, and email sign up plugins are available. Most plugins are free, but some high quality ones may charge a small fee. Usually it is worth paying this fee, as you will almost definitely get your money back many times over.

WordPress is a popular platform:

As noted above, it is estimated that over 25% of the world’s websites now run on WordPress. Why is this important you ask?

Because there will always be someone who can help you when you run into trouble!

As a beginning website developer, you will almost definitely run into some sort of problems. They may be simple, but at the same time they could be extremely complex. When you have issues it is important to be able to find a solution quickly and easily. When you use WordPress, you will be able to do so.

Final Word:

WordPress is more than just the most popular website building platform in the world – it is arguably one of the best as well. If you are a relatively inexperienced web developer who doesn’t really know what they are doing, then WordPress is definitely for you. Try it and see!

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